sabato 26 settembre 2015

Light Blue

Finally my little box of cheap COL-ERASE pencils is arrived in the mail! I found them on ebay but searched also on amazon and there are pencils for all the pockets! I used them at school and sharpened sooo much! :D good memories.. This is a kind of pencil that's erasable (as the name suggest) and it's used alot by animators and cartoonists all around. A really great product. I bought a box of 12 mixed colors, just because it was cheaper than the others mono-tone (considering also shipping costs) and because I use them not often on my sketchbook, so this way I can choose the color I prefer to do my doodles :)

Here's an example of a process that I - have to say - don't usually do much (traditional to digital), but I had fun doing this, especially because I used some new PS brushes! ..and actually I've been really influenced by watching Song of the Sea! That's a magic movie, super Selkie :) 

So here it is! From sketch to color! Enjoy 

Yessss. This is kinda Selkie fx .. :D

3 commenti:

tek! ha detto...

I still have a full box of Colo-erase 'copy not' non photo blue.
Never used them. You can have them if you want.

Eva Bruschi ha detto...

@tek! Too kind! Thanks for the proposal! Well I have to say I tried that non-photo-blue time ago and it's a little too light for me for sketching, my way of drawing is not too weighty.. but a really big thank you anyway for the thought : )

tek! ha detto...

Yeah too light, that's why I didn't use them either.