giovedì 24 settembre 2015


This is me, pitching my boards, at 7 in the morning. Which means that I wake up at 6:15, I plug in my IV feeding with coffee, then the Cintiq and all the remaining things to get prepared for the meeting. My english sucks, I know that, but believe me, at that time there are really few things working! I should put some rum instead of coffee in that bag, to get the right stroke! (my worst experience was to re-watch a pitch that I did - insane!)

When Firenze sleeps, Los Angeles is awake and vice versa, more or less, so these pitches work this way. And they remain in my head like dreams, something you can doubt on if it's ever happened..

The sun is one, the world is round, roses are flowers and violets stink. Anyway, collaborating with that lovely crew is priceless!!

Firenze, High In The Clouds movie, freelance storyboard artist slice-of-life.

*Camera is ON.

2 commenti:

tek! ha detto...

Haha go back to bed you.
Say, have you considered moving to L.A.?

Eva Bruschi ha detto...

@tek! hehe it would be great! I thought about moving there so many times! (never the right moment though) but who knows? :D ..goin back to bed soon :)